Past Events 2007

TRUST annual workshop

On the 17th January 2007 TRUST held its first workshop, 'Ideas into action; making research happen' in Bridgend at Waterton Technology Centre. The workshop was very successful with twenty nine delegates attending from a range of different backgrounds within emergency and unscheduled care.

Workshop aims

The aim of the workshop was to identify research priorities, and some R&D groups to work on these, supported by TRUST, through the research proposal development phase this year. Workshop programmeProfessor Adrian Edwards from Cardiff University chaired the workshop. The session was divided up into 3 presentations and two group sessions with a focus on identifying research themes within Emergency and Unscheduled care. Professor Helen Snooks from Swansea University School of Medicine and Thematic Research Lead for TRUST began the workshop with a presentation about the opportunities brought through TRUST to support high quality research in emergency and unscheduled care, based on her experience with the All Wales Alliance for R&D in health and social care (AWARD). This was followed by a presentation from guest international speaker Björn-Ove Suserud, Assistant Professor in pre-hospital emergency care in Sweden. Bjorn-Ove talked about the building of a research programme in this field in Sweden. This was followed by the first group session to identify important research themes. Following lunch, Professor Lesley Griffiths from Swansea University School of Health Science, and Associate Director of CRC Cymru's 'Involving People' network, gave a presentation on the issues faced when involving users in research, particularly in this challenging area. The second group session then focussed on the development of the research themes with a focus on methodologies used and identifying a research lead to take forward ideas following the workshop.

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Workshop themes

The group sessions focussed on 3 research themes identified by TRUST prior to the workshop:

  1. Appropriate care: providing the right care at the right time and in the right place.
  2. The quality and safety of care.
  3. The patient experience.

Outcome: During the group sessions workshop delegates developed more specific research proposals within each group and identified a number of individuals that were interested in taking these ideas forward to submit to TRUST for further consideration. Progress made following the workshopFollowing the workshop 6 research proposals were submitted to the network from various groups and, following discussions, the network decided to support all of these proposals by merging four of the groups into two separate research groups to view these proposals please view the Research Development Groups page.