PhD Projects

Current research projects

Project Lead Project Outline

1. Implementation of computerised clinical decision support (CCDS): processes of adoption and impact on practice

Funded by: Wales Office of R&D

Bridget Wells
Swansea University


Assessment of how paramedics use CCDS and the impact of the technology on how care is delivered.

2. Access to NHS Direct by disadvantaged groups

Supported by: Swansea University

Julie Peconi
Swansea University


Examination of routine data from NHS Direct Wales to explore issues of access and outcomes related to deprivation.

3. Factors affecting the process of involving service users in research about the chronic conditions policy in Wales

Supported by: Swansea University

Angela Evans
Swansea University


Exploration of the factors affecting how patients with chronic conditions and their carers are involved in research linked to the Welsh Assembly Government's chronic conditions policy.

4. The development and validation of a new scoring system for patients presenting to the ED with blunt chest trauma. 

Supported by: Self funded at present

Ceri Battle
Swansea University


Development and evaluation of a new measurement tool for use by the emergency department physician to allow patients with blunt chest trauma to be stratified, and whether the implementation of the tool can improve the outcome of patients.

5. Developing new risk models to target the fire and rescue service’s free home fire safety checks more effectively.

Supported by: Swansea University

Samantha Turner Swansea University

Use of anonymised record linkage to develop new risk models for house fires and ultimately improve the efficiency of home safety checks carried out by fire and rescue services.

6. Informing delivery of care through research evidence: an investigation of randomised controlled trial implementation in pre-hospital emergency care.

 Supported by: Swansea University

Gareth Thomas
Swansea University


The aims of the PhD study are to assess the quality, volume and progress of RCTs in pre-hospital emergency care, and to describe factors which facilitate and hinder their implementation and influence in this field.

7. Paramedics perceptions of caring for those who deliberately self-harm: What is the impact of an educational intervention?


Nigel Rees
Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust


To explore paramedics perceptions of caring for those who Self Harm, before and after receiving a custom educational intervention.

8. Paramedic supplied ‘Take Home’ Naloxone Feasibility Study

Chris Moore
Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust

The Studys principle research questions are:

What is the feasibility of paramedics supplying Take Home Naloxone (THN) kits to service users they attend for an opiate overdose for which a 999 call has been made?

What is the feasibility of carrying out a randomised controlled trial to determine the safety, clinical and cost-effectiveness of THN distribution by paramedics at the scene of 999 attendances to patients who have suffered and recovered from an opiate overdose?