Research Activity

Since the network has been established, TRUST has supported and developed various research proposals and turned them into funded bids to increase emergency care research and capacity building. Alongside this TRUST supports funded projects. These projects vary in size and scale, involving collaborations both in Wales and other academic institutions, and with established leaders in this field of research in England.

Network resources are divided to provide support for:

  • developing bids (Research Development Groups or ‘RDGs’) and
  • funded studies (Research Projects).

TRUST is interested in supporting and developing various types of research across the principal sectors 999/ambulance, GP out of hours, NHS Direct and Accident and Emergency, Trauma:

  1. Out of hours care
  2. Triage
  3. Patient experience
  4. Clinical competencies
  5. Technological support to clinicians
  6. Patient safety interventions

This list is not exhaustive but gives some indication of the research themes we are interested in and we welcome other themes related to the field of emergency and unscheduled treatment.